Toyota/Lexus spare parts catalogue

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The catalog is assigned for searching and appreciation of original details and repair parts of Toyota and Lexus auto. It consists of cars` illustrations, denominations and components, produced since 60-y years of last century till nowadays. The results of serial or frame number are maximally approached to statistics of original e-catalog.


17.10.2021 Update! Added 2020 (up to september).

20.07.2017 Added 2016 (up to october) and a tail of 2015.

25.10.2015 We publish the renewal inside a July of 2015 by popular demands of our permanent visitors.

28.02.2013 It was improved the exact search of components. It was also renewed web-interface. Changes were regarded the web-page of model catalog detailed review. Furthermore, a new opportunity was added. It was fast search of component by PNC model code. That option would be used for professionals and experts, having speed up work process with catalog. There is the example of search PNC model code.

07.02.2013 Catalog data update. The changes of the first half of the year 2012 were added.

25.12.2012 It was added the section, called "Consumables”. You can find it at the page of model catalog. Fast searching opportunity of original numbers and often command components such as cleaning strainers, belts, chains, shock struts and brake blocks became accessible. Example here.

07.12.2012 It was improved the search by VIN-code. In the cases when you cannot establish the correct information, you see approximate results. Such kind of situation can appear with new car those age is less than a year. The information about it haven`t yet represent in catalog.

How to find Toyota or Lexus auto by VIN or FRAME code?

VIN code is called serial auto number. FRAME – is chassis number, bring bridge structure or frame number. You can find it in car registration license or in engine room tablet. Usually, the FRAME number is used for searching Japanese cars, but VIN number is used for European and American. Changed number cars are met sometimes. Such search does not give results. In this case you should find the catalog for such kind of cars. It will be lists according to production region, serial number model code. The searching of old cars is not accessible too. These are cars produced since 1990. Try to find it in manual way.

Generally, VIN code consists of seventeen signs, FRAME something less – from thirteen signs. Input code in the searching form by VIN or FRAME. If you can establish model, issue date, car configuration, you will readdressed in section for car that you find. Sometimes, the search does not provide the result of one place. You may be offered with several variants of choice. Often, you can find out one and the same car in “Asia” and “Europe” regional section. You can use both link references. The differ will be only in finding of car`s production region. The catalog by its own will not have differences.

How to find the needful repair part number of Toyota or Lexus auto?

Repair part number can be called “catalogue” and “production” number. In the case with Toyota and Lexus cars these are different things. You need “production” number for search and purchase. It is also called OEM-number, factory ID, original number.

Find the model of your car in the catalog. At the page of chosen car (for example COROLLA EE96V-AXKDS) regard the needful category (repair part group). Let`s consider that you try to find the oil filter. First step, you chose i1502 OIL FILTER. Find the needful component in diagram. Click the number of link reference that point out your need. After at the web-page you will see the list of several variants.

Pay attention the next things. The schedule, situated on the left of diagram consists of “catalogue” numbers and component denominations. The schedule about “original” number is situated on the top of diagram. It appears after clicking the “catalogue” number on the diagram. Also you can find it in the component list near the diagram. It marks like: “original number, quantity, issue data, usage and offers” (link reference for oil filter). Column “original number” presents that you really need. For instance, you can copy it and try to find the component at the Internet Commerce Website.

To attention of advanced and professional users

This catalog promotes diagnostics of car components according to VIN or FRAME code. It corresponds to original catalogue program option “Match on”, excluding frame components by color and trim-code finishing details.

We are working for improvement of our catalog. Therefore we will be gratitude for information about some mistakes and similar offers or ideas. Write us: